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Active Traders

Active traders are especially in need of support for their decision-making process. Tradecision contains an unmatched combination of features, intended for achieving professional results.

Market Analysis

Tradecision offers you technical tools for in-depth and accurate analysis, including charting capabilities, indicators, patterns, Elliott, Fibonacci, Gann, and Pitchforks, designed to facilitate your everyday analysis work as much as possible.

Strategy Building
With Tradecision, you can test your ideas prior to exposing your trading account to the risks of the real market. And it does not really matter how sophisticated your trading ideas are – all of them have to be easily and smoothly implemented and then checked for their potential profitability. Our software will enable you to:
  • Create a workable trading strategy and then back-test it to see how well it works;
  • Apply the numerous built-in trading systems, such as MACD Crossover, RSI 30 - 70 Crossover, MA Crossover, and many others;
  • Use multi-strategy / multi-security portfolio testing;
  • Develop sound Neural Nets based strategies;
  • Analyze the numerous strategy reports and graphs;
  • Build multi-input or multi-parameter trading systems that require fast and efficient optimization with Genetic Algorithms.
With our innovative Money Management Editor you can get your emotions out of the way. You can define your position size, stop loss, trailing stop and profit target rules. In fact, using our software is your quick and reliable way of becoming a money management expert.

Good luck with your trading!
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