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Innovations as an edge

Nowadays, industry-leading software vendors have to be totally committed to innovation to stay abreast of the rapid technological progress that has been taking part since the beginning of last century.

Alyuda Research believes that the trading world, as a highly dynamic area of human activity, has many aspects that have to be identified, analyzed, and transformed into knowledge. To translate this knowledge into practical tools and solutions, to forestall tendencies, Alyuda has been conducting its comprehensive research.

The Research & Development Team is constantly following all important trading techniques- and trends-related developments, selecting the cream-of-the-crop to ensure our products' superb performance in today's markets.

Alyuda incorporates its research output into the Tradecision trading software, making these innovations an essential element for professional traders worldwide.

Alyuda applies the best practices of the Stage-Gate® process to enable its customers to maximize the value of the company's new development initiatives.

Traders We Serve

Alyuda is dedicated to developing and delivering best-in-class trading software to help traders succeed in improving the efficiency of their trading.

Tradecision is not a mass-selling software product that has been previously used by every trader. The company's target clientele is active and professional traders looking for new trading opportunities, unique features, and taking a professional approach to their trading. To a certain extent, our clients feel that they have something special using the analytical powers of Tradecision. For many of them, the system's analytical capabilities are the trading edge they need.

The Tradecision Development Team is well-known among traders for its quick turnaround time. Updates and even special versions are, normally, provided to Alyuda clients very quickly.

Many of the valuable improvements in every new version of our software are made based on the useful suggestions by our current customers.

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Advanced Trading Software Capabilities

Tradecision boasts great neural network and technical analysis capabilities most of the other trading applications simply do not have. Tradecision offers only selected and well-tried analytical power. The advanced WizardsEverywhereT system enables traders to create models, strategies, and simulations using easy-to-use wizards.

The following modules are available in Tradecision: Innovations in Tradecision
  • The state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence module (Growing Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms for fast optimization), developed by Alyuda Research Lab.
    Good neural models, those that received proper amounts of historical data and relevant inputs, are capable of forecasting with 60-80% accuracy. There are many traders and companies relying on the Alyuda technology in speeding up their market analysis, finding new profitable opportunities, increasing revenue, and improving important processes. The Alyuda software has been purchased by such world-famous companies, as Boeing Satellite Systems, Reuters Financial Software, Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., and many others.
    Visit the Artificial Intelligence in Tradecision section for details.
  • Money Management Editor allows traders to control all possible risks. Sometimes, it is more important than finding an opportunity to enter the market. Learn more >>>
  • Simulation Manager for multi-strategy / multi-security portfolio testing, providing multiple strategy reports and graphs. Tradecision offers advanced simulation capabilities, specifically designed to help professional traders easily identify the advantages and disadvantages of a strategy. Learn more >>>
  • Chaos theory with Hurst exponent.
  • The unique Elliott Wave Counting algorithm with the Custom Elliott Wave toolbar. Learn more >>>
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