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Neural Nets
  Why Neural Nets
Why Neural Nets
Model Development

Tradecision Model Builder Neural networks are a relatively new and the most powerful method of technical analysis, capable of providing an assessment of the current market situation precise enough to enable the trader to predict the market developments that will take place in the near future.

Neural networks base their assessments on the price data patterns, discovered by them in the past data during their training.

All the other (statistical) methods yield much worse results in stock price forecasting, as they fail to uncover those hidden market interdependencies that only neural nets are able to detect.

However, neural networks are not a "silver bullet". They should be used consciously and combined with other advanced methods. Tradecision allows you to use adaptable and precise constructive neural networks. Unlike any other nets you may have seen or tried before, constructive networks are new, state-of-the-art nets. These networks grow and train themselves during iterative price data analysis.

To learn more about neural networks and how they should be used, visit our Knowledge Emporium.

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