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Product / Integrated Trading

Tradecision supports Integrated Trading with FOREX.com, Interactive Brokers, Man Financial and TD Ameritrade. Both modes, Direct Trade Execution from a selected trading strategy and Manual Order Placement, are supported by the application. To connect to another broker that is not directly integrated with Tradecision, the Trading API can be used.

Manual Trading

The system supports placing trades with a selected broker manually. This is done using the Trading Toolbar at the bottom of the main Tradecision window.

After parameters are defined, the new order with be sent to the broker.

It is possible to connect to a selected broker using the Trading Toolbar. After the connection is established, the Bid and Ask values of the current chart will be shown on the toolbar.

Automated Trading (Direct Trade Execution)

The Direct Trade Execution mode allows making trades on the market automatically. In this mode, the selected strategy sends buy/sell signals to the broker.

It is possible to use a set of built-in strategies or create a custom strategy using Improvian language. Also, a Neural Strategy built with Neural Network Model Builder can be used in the Direct Trade Execution mode.

Order Window

The Order Window allows monitoring order placement activities.

The Open Orders tab shows the list of open orders and their parameters.

The Executions tab shows the list of executed orders and their parameters.

The History tab is a convenient way to review the history of all executed orders.

The Portfolio tab shows the list of symbols with open positions. The tab also shows the following information: Account Size, Realized Profit/Loss, Unrealized Profit/Loss, and a number of open (Open Orders) and executed (Executed Orders) orders.

Compatible Brokers:

IB FOREX.com      

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