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System Requirements

Set Up the Real Time mode (IQfeed) in Tradecision in 3 steps.

1. Become IQfeed subscriber and download IQfeed client.
2. Configure the Data Manager.

    1. Create a new symbol(s) in the Data Manager using the Add New command and indicate IQfeed as the data source for the symbol (for this you have to click the Change button).

    2. Click Update.

    3. IQ Connect Login dialog box will appear. Enter your login and password. Click Connect.

3. Turn on the streaming mode in Tradecision. streaming mode
  1. Open Tradecision.
  2. Open a symbol you want to get real-time data for.
  3. In the toolbar, click Stop/Start data streaming mode .
  4. IQ Connect Login dialog box

  5. IQ Connect Login dialog box will appear.
  6. Enter your login and password (that IQfeed sent you via email shortly after subscribing).
  7. Select the Save Login and Password/Pin and Automatically Connect check boxes.
  8. Click Connect and you will be able to operate with real-time data.
Now you can use the real-time data in Tradecision.

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