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Product / Tradecision Professional Real Time

Advanced Software for Day Traders Candlestick real-time charting

If you are a day trader trading stocks, futures or FOREX with Tradecision you acquire the ability to succeed.

With Tradecision Professional Real Time, you can react to small market movements, identify short-term trends, apply your trading strategies to minute bars, and receive timely strategy alerts.

Locate Opportunities in Real-Time

Tradecision Pro Real Time is charting and analysis trading software for intraday traders. Owing to the cutting-edge technology used by Tradecision Pro Real Time, the application is capable of ensuring such a level of precision, which will enable you to identify money-making opportunities and capitalize on them in real time.
Apply your strategies and neural models on minute’s bars.

Make Money in Any Market, under Any Conditions
Tradecision Pro Real Time adds real-time performance capabilities to the feature set offered by Tradecision Professional. Therefore, using this version of the system, you can apply your strategies and neural models to minute bars.

Upgrade Options
Tradecision Professional can now be upgraded to Tradecision Real Time. This upgrade will allow you to use real-time intraday data.

Retrieve Real Time Data

Tradecision Pro Real Time currently supports IB, IQfeed and eSignal real time quotes.
Start/stop streaming mode

Data Manager – Data Sources

Getting accurate streaming data enables you to look for profitable opportunities and analyze the current market conditions and trends.

You can import your MetaStock and ASCII intraday databases.

Key Features
In Tradecision Real Time, the Tradecision functionality has been expanded to include a number of new features that are narrowly tailored to meet the more demanding needs of today's investors and real-time traders:

  • Streaming, real-time quotes and charts displaying custom minute charts;
  • A sophisticated money management set of rules and functions;
  • Portfolio-level backtesting and optimization;
  • Advanced reporting system;
  • Power to design multiple-security strategies and indicators in seconds;
  • Multiple data feeds.
Data Manipulations
With Tradecision, you can trade any kind of securities on practically any exchange in the world:
  • Real-time streaming quotes via IB and IQFeed, granting access to all US exchanges and major world exchanges.Edit symbol properties
  • eSignal supports U.S., Canadian, European, Asian and African Level I equities, indices, CME E-Minis and CBOT Mini-Sized Futures, plus 100s of world indices.
  • A user-configurable ASCII import wizard allows you to read quotes stored on your local hard drive in the format defined by you. Data Manager is flexible enough to import most of the date-based end-of-day and intraday price data from an ASCII file.
  • Built-in MetaStock® database importer reads all stocks directly from your MetaStock database (in both EOD and intraday modes).
  • CSI database is supported directly through a CSI’s product, known as Unfair Advantage®. CSI is a low cost information vendor of summary end-of-day world financial market data. CSI's historical coverage includes all commodity markets gathered from over 80 futures exchanges traded worldwide. CSI also supplies daily summary data on all New York Stock Exchange stocks, nearly all American, and NASDAQ stocks, and virtually all 25,000 US mutual funds. The CSI market data is supplied to the most popular financial websites, such as Yahoo! Finance and MSN Money.

Strategy Execution
Whether you employ traditional technical analysis techniques, neural networks, or a combination of the two, as a strategy trader you can apply your trading systems and strategies in real time.
After you have backtested your ideas and defined a rule, Tradecision will display a buy, sell or hold alert in real time, as soon as it receives the corresponding signal.

Real-time advanced charting.

Real Time Advanced Charting

Designed for individual investors with limited experience, as well as for active and professional traders, Tradecision displays all bars in an accurate, clear, and easy-to-see way, so that you can easily follow and analyze them.

Stock and Quote Database
Tradecision features advanced database system that offers the following:

  • Build-up and store historical bar data for backtesting purposes;
  • Build-up and store intraday minute-bar or end-of-day data for backtesting purposes;
  • Unlimited number of stocks and quotes;
  • Support of multiple databases.
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