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What Our Customers Say About Tradecision

We love our product and use it for trading. Our customers also love Tradecision, and send us a large number of unsolicited customer Reviews every month. If you would like to share your Tradecision experience and thus help us market our software, please send a comment to pr@tradecision.com.

The following is a collection of our favourite Reviews:

Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities
"It's a complete analysis package with a number of interesting features and a user interface that is extremely easy to use. It is a package that's offered at a highly competitive price with two key features: neural network capability and free end-of-day (EOD) data". Dennis D. Peterson, "Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities" magazine, June, 2005.

What Real Traders Says

A Review of Tradecision, by a neural network expert (300 Kb, PDF).

A Profitable Model-Based Strategy, a case study by L. Williams, GA, USA (41 Kb, PDF).

Stock Analysis using Fibonacci Tools, a case study by Jay Kun (150 Kb, PDF).

Stock Analysis using Neural Models, a case study by Jay Kun (215 Kb, PDF).


“I'm really satisfied with the support. Responses are swift. You take your customers seriously.”

Arie E., The Netherlands

“I want you and your Co. to know I love the professionalism of your software's HIGH math performance, it's REALLY a sight to behold! It is QUITE impressive, and I've already told some friends I never seen equally helpful SUPPORT.”

Jerry Batcheler, Los Angeles, USA

“I am seriously considering FOREX day-trading and so far all the tests I have performed on Tradecision have left me with a very positive impression about the software power and usefulness; I'm evaluating the option to upgrade to the real time edition.”
J. Pineda, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

“I have spent 12 years evaluating trading software. FIRST I WOULD LIKE TO COMMEND YOU FOR A WELL WRITTEN PROGRAM THAT IS OVERALL VERY USER FREINDLY AND HAS NICE CUSTOM ICONS. I must commend your staff and programmers for so many many features...truly nice program indeed.”
E. Bennos, TX, USA

“I must say I am impressed with the responsiveness to addressing customer issues. One of the things I read on the web from existing customers was how response your company is to addressing concerns quickly. That is certainly proving to be the case. I look forward to using Tradecision for institutional level portfolio and investment management.”
K. Ernst, TX, USA

“We would like to join your Reseller Program and include your product - Tradecision - in some of our high-end trading kits. Your software is simply some of the best we have seen anywhere, and is reasonably priced.”
J. Kuepper, Menasha, WI, USA

“Excellent! Your product has many great features. My everyday work became much easier and efficient.”
J. Adler, NYC, USA

“Good work. You have a great product. Keep it up this way!”
N. Somerville, Paris, France

“I want to thank you for being so nice about everything ... and can assure you I'd recommend others to consider purchasing your software.”
Robert Miller, CA, USA

“It seems to be the type of program I would stick with. Thanks again.”
W. B. Smith, SC, USA

“Thanks for your quick and encouraging responses to my suggestions and requests. I have to state that your support responses are simply phenomenal. This is a great value to your product and shows your dedication to producing a very useful market tool designed to help traders in their pursuits. Please continue your standard of excellent support and I believe your product will perform very well in the market place. ”
S. Samuel, USA

“I am trading on soft commodities (grains on CBOT and EURONEXT) + Forex ... Your Tradecision is really great... Thanks a lot for your new version.”
Jean-loic Begue-turon, France

“Finally, I have intuitive charting, neural networks and trading systems in one package. It’s extremely easy to use and reliable. Somebody finally made what traders really need!”
K. Woods, London, UK

“I have learned so much in such a short period of time. With your software I have a stunning confidence to enter and exit the market at a profit.”
A. Petrov, CA, USA

“Thanks for such a great software package. … it is really shaping up to be the best program out there.”
R. Calma, FL, USA

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