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The Tradecision's Strategy Builder functionality is centered on money management as the main part of the trading process.

Disciplined Trading with Tradecision

When you are setting up a trade, it is essential to predetermine the amount of risk you are incidentally willing to take.

This means that you have to be able to control your position size, stop loss and profit target yet before you enter the market! That is why, the conditions for closing out (exiting) a trade are a lot more important than the entry conditions.

Taking the right approach to money management, never results in losing one's account. With Tradecision's powerful money management capabilities, this is the only approach you can take.

Tradecision Money Management Editor

For your convenience, the most popular money management rules are predefined and easily accessible through an advanced point-and-click editor. The editor enables the following types of money-management operations:
  • Automatic calculation of the position size using Optimal F, Kelly, Fixed Fractional Trades and William formulas;
  • Easy application of several stop-loss rules which only requires a couple of clicks;
  • Easy definition of the trailing stop rule as a combination of predefined conditions;
  • The system also supports using a predefined Profit Target and defining a custom Position size formula.
Fine-Tuning Your Stop-Loss and Profit Target Rules

To test your money management rules, you can define them in Improvian, a full-featured programming language. The New Strategy dialog box provides special features for entering and editing your stop-loss, trailing stop, and profit target rules. The same rules can cover long and short trades, or you can also create separate rules for this purpose.

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