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A trading strategy is an objective set of trading rules on when and how to enter and exit positions. This set of trading rules should not vary subjectively from day to day based on brokers' recommendations, friends' tips or emotions, and, therefore, can be tested using past data to understand objectively how profitable, reliable and suitable to your trading style these trading rules are.

First of all, you need to formalize your own trading ideas or modify/improve well-known ones. To do so, you need to define the conditions for your buy/sell orders.

To define the entry/exit conditions, you can use the Improvian language, offering more than 140 built-in functions, as well as Improvian Editor, designed to facilitate your rule creation process. If you are new to trading strategy development, you can start with any of the 10 predefined trading strategies supplied with Tradecision. All of them are based on well-known trading ideas and can (or even should) be improved to suit your needs.

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