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Product / Tradecision Online Product Videos

Watching our Tradecision product videos is a great way to get familiar with the numerous benefits offered by Tradecision trading software. The videos will be played in a separate window (800x600).
  Learn how to use Tradecision with these free tutorials
You will need Macromedia Flash Player to watch the Tradecision product videos. If you do not have the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer, you can download it.

Should you have any questions concerning the tours, please contact us.
Online Video Tours Quick-Start Tutorials
Tradecision Overview
Download as .exe file (1.9 MB)
Benefit from an innovative combination of the best technical analysis methods and unique studies.

Interface and Workspaces
Download as .exe file (1.9 MB)
Customize everything and share your unique experience.

Charting and Drawing Tools
Download as .exe file (1.6 MB)
Facilitate your everyday analysis work as much as possible.

Studies and Technical Indicators
Download as .exe file (1.8 MB)
Determine market direction, support and resistance, and market phase.

Trading Strategies
Download as .exe file (1.6 MB)
Start with predefined strategies, use flexible
language to create your own and gain a trading edge.

Money Management
Download as .exe file (1.5 MB)
Consistent trade management – visual/mathematical profit targets, a custom Position size formula.

Strategy Optimization
Download as .exe file (1.7 MB)
Easily express trading ideas in a formula and
improve trading systems.

Creating Neural Models
Download as WinZip file (1.2 MB)
Build better trading systems than those created
using standard technical analysis.

Using NeatScan Market Scanner
Find an Elliott Wave or chart patterns. Define any kind of criteria for screening and custom column calculation.

Adding a Group of Symbols to Data Manager
Download as .exe file (1.5 MB)
Learn how to add a group of symbols to Data Manager using in-built ticker lists, such as AMEX, NYSE, CME, FTSE 100.

Fundamental Data: Charting & Neural Nets
Download as .exe file (2.7 MB)
Use 3-rd party time-series and add external data
for market calculations.

Working with Charts (Part 1)
Download as .exe file (1.8 MB)
Organize and analyze charts in the way you like.

Working with Charts (Part 2)
Download as .exe file (1.8 MB)
Create charts applying specific visual settings
and use predefined templates.

Using Custom Studies
Download as .exe file (1.6 MB)
Mark a particular market activity and/or specific
chart pattern.

Overlapping Indicators
Download as .exe file (1.3 MB)
Easily overlay several indicators.

Using Yahoo! Data
Download as WinZip file (1 MB)
Use free historical end-of-day data.

Using Interactive Brokers Data
Download as WinZip file (1 MB)
Trade stocks, futures, forex and place orders
directly to IB.

Special Tour

Neural Networks in Action
Download as .exe file (1.2 MB)
AI is truly one of the best methodologies ever invented for the prediction and forecasting of historical time series data. Now you can see how it works. Just select a skin and go through the neural networks metamorphosis.

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