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Product / White Label Program

Tradecision White Label Program Ė
Powerful Enhancement for Online Brokerage

Tradecision White Label program provides unparalleled opportunities for financial service providers to enhance their service offering with a sophisticated trading and technical analysis tool.

  We Provide:
  • Ready-to-use powerful tool
  • Seamless integration
  • Customization services
  • 24/7 technical support
  You Get:
  • Greater number of seasoned traders
  • More trades per average trader
  • Decreased running costs
  • Technological breakthrough for your business

Tradecision partners can provide their clients with the full-featured product branded with their name and logo of their choice. In addition to that, Tradecision partners get:

1. Integration with existing trading platform.

The product that has been acclaimed by professional traders all over the world can be integrated with your brokerage by the original team of Tradecision developers for NO extra cost.

2. Customization.

Tradecision team is available to perform all required changes to the software to meet the needs of each partner the best. Since all the customizations are performed by the original team of Tradecision developers, it is guaranteed that everything will be done in the shortest time possible and with highest cost efficiency.

3. Technical support and trainings.

Tradecision technical support facilities are available to our partnersí personnel on privileged conditions. In addition to that, Tradecision support team provides FREE trainings to our partnerís personnel on the product basics.

 Who can benefit:
  1. Online brokerage service providers can enhance their service offering with a powerful tool.
  2. Financial service providers are offered to broaden their service range.
  3. Trading software and training service providers.

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