Advanced trading software: technical analysis and neural networks

Empowering wise traders

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  • A no-frills but incomparably feature-rich product, designed to be a major contributor to your trading success.
  • Complete, wizard-based range of tools for trading system development and backtesting.
  • Rich, fully-customizable charts and drawing tools.
  • Innovative risks management solution.
  • A set of proprietary techniques one can only find in Tradecision.
  • Affordable Price. No monthly fees.
  • One of the most dedicated technical support teams in the industry.

  Using Tradecision you won't be able to:
  • Increase your trading account by following the magic green and red arrows or pushing a secret button others have no idea about.
  • Paste beefs on online forums about the sluggish technical support and buggy product.
  • Call Tradecision "my broker".

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