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Tradecison’s Advanced Collection of Built-in Technical Indicators.

Tradecision allows using a variety of categories of technical analysis indicators. Each category contains several indicators, all of which serve the same main purpose but the methodology and parameters of which are dissimilar. If you fully comprehend the main purpose of a technical analysis indicator, you will know when and how to apply it.

Momentum Indicators Trend Indicators Market Strength Indicators Special Techniques
Exponential Moving Average

Simple moving average

Triangular Moving Average

Weighted Moving Average

Ingenious MA

Triple Exponential Average

Price High

Price Low

Price Range

Price Range Midpoint

Typical Price

Weighted Close

True High

True Low

True Range

Median Price

Average True Range

Lower Bollinger Band

Upper Bollinger Band

Bollinger Band Width (High-Low)

Bollinger Band %B (Middle Line)


Statistical volatility

Standard Deviation


Normalized Average True Range

Lability Retracement

Lability Reversal

Acceleration Indicator

Commodity Channel Index

Detrend Price Oscillator

Stochastic %D

Stochastic %K

Stochastic Slow %D

Stochastic Slow %K

Momentum Indicator


Rate of Change

Relative Strength Indicator

Swing Index indicator

Ultimate Oscillator

Velocity (slope)

Williams' Accumulation


ADX Indicator

ADX Classic

ADXR (signal line)


DMI Minus

DMI Plus

Linear Regression Line

Moving Average Convergence Divergence


Time Series Forecast

Directional Movement Index

Elliott Wave Indicator

Linear Regression Slope

Parabolic SAR


Chaikin Oscillator

Ease of Movement

MFI indicator

Money Flow

On Balance Volume

Price Volume Trend

Ulcer Index

Volume Average indicator

Volume Oscillator indicator

Volume ROC indicator

Price Oscillator


Adaptive Kalman Filter Indicator

Hurst Exponent Indicator

Adaptive Moving Average

Breakout Range 2

Bull and Bear Balance Indicator

Ehlers Filters

Elastic Volume Weighted Moving Average

Linear Regression Reversal Indicator

Swiss Army Knife Indicator

Tradecision gives traders the great ability to analyze the market.
You can use the various indicators to anticipate future changes in prices, compare the price and indicator performances, and then make sound and profitable trading decisions.

Indicators show different types of market activity when applied to price data charts.

With Alyuda’s Tradecision, you can apply a predefined set of proven technical indicators that were discovered and have been used by such world-famous, successful and experienced traders, as Welles Wilder, Larry Williams, Marc Chaikin, John Bollinger, and many others.

What are technical analysis indicators?
I found that over ninety per cent of the traders who go into the market without knowledge or study usually lose in the end. - W. D. Gann

Technical indicators show different types of market activity when applied to price data charts.

A technical analysis indicator is a mathematical calculation that can be applied to a stock's price, volume, or, even, to another technical indicator. The result is a value that is used to anticipate future changes in prices.

Technical indicators can inform you about different aspects of the market, such as trend, volatility, momentum, market strength, cycle, and so on.

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