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Max Radushny

Max Radushny photo
Max Radushny is a Senior Market Analyst at Alyuda Research. Prior to joining Alyuda, Max was a full-time equities and FX spot trader. Email: max@tradecision.com

My Trading Strategy for Using Tradecision

Before making any trading decision I perform market analysis using traditional indicators and Tandem Studies. I am trying to gain an edge over the competition by using Neural Networks for the creation of a profitable trading strategy.

Educational Writing and Market Commentaries

The Road Ahead For AIG (AIG) Fundamental Analysis For Traders
With spring having arrived, the behemoth of full-line insurance and component of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, American International Group (NYSE: AIG), gave investors several reasons at once to brood over what this stock actually has in store.

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The use of the fundamental approach in trading has long been an object of argument between its followers and those who mercilessly deride the method's usefulness. We will not take sides in this eternal argument, but we will try to find out how the average trader can benefit from fundamental analysis. Read on to discover the strengths and weaknesses of fundamental analysis as a traders' tool.

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About Maxís Trading System Development services

I am offering EasyLanguage, MetaStock and Improvian language consulting services to help you code the trading systems you need. For more information, please email me at max@tradecision.com.

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