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For you the use of computer trading systems based on moving averages or other popular indicators is:
Reliable because it leaves out the psychological constituent of the trade and the issue of self-discipline
Is justified because it proved its efficiency
Can only serve to indicate a moment when "stupid" money will enter the market
Is acceptable only for diversification of your set of trading strategies
Will not yield high profits or will be unprofitable because it does not consider fundamental or psychological factors
Will not yield high profits or will be unprofitable because the future will always be different from the past

Can a rather complex mechanic trading system be developed that will perform as a good trader?
Yes, even recognized traders use mechanic trading systems
It is possible, given that the rules and most important price-affecting factors are formalized appropriately
It is possible only for a specific security
It is very unlikely, because such systems can not be trained and the markets change constantly
It is possible only using rather complex artificial intelligence-based systems
It is not possible due to a wide scope of knowledge required for elaboration of trading solutions and because of the highly changing nature of the rules for interpretation of input information

When do you realize that your trading system needs to be replaced?
After the test runs on latest data indicate the deterioration of the system as compared with previous periods
After a significant change of my views regarding the market and trading methods
After a large loss
After a large series of false signals
After change of the global market situation
I do not have to change my system because I am entirely compatible with it
The system needs to be revised, not replaced

The advancers to decliners ratio is used to detect what?
High earnings growth
Market strength
Overbought/Oversold periods
Market trend

What is the Sharpe Ratio for?
To indicate market trend
To measure risk-adjusted performance
To limit losses
To calculate ratio between loss and profit
To evaluate robustness of a trading system

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