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Which of your mistakes hurt you most emotionally:
Big losses
% of losing positions
A series of losses
Watching a rapid trend that you are not courageous enough to enter
Incorrect money management
Early exit from a profitable position

If there is a 100% of getting an honest answer, what question will you ask an acknowledged trader operating in the same market with you?
Are you in a long or short position right now?
How long do you think the current trend will last?
What are your long-term forecasts regarding this market?
What is the concept of your trading system?
Which position will you recommend to enter today?
How do you manage your risks?
I won't ask any

How important for trading is the luck factor?
It is very important
It is important, however, market analysis is more important
It is not important at all
It is important for separate trades only
Only luck at the start is important
Only bad luck at the start is important

When the fundamental state shows a positive change, the market:
Will most likely move up
Will most likely move down
Will expect technical confirmation of fundamental factors
Will not react since these fundamental changes are already reflected in prices
The future movement depends on the current state of the market
The direction of the first market move will indicate the future direction

What is the most important part of a technical analysis?
Price patterns
Mechanic trading systems
Methods to forecast entry and exit points
Convenient visualization of the current choice of all market players
Nothing valuable because it only projects the past into the future
A possibility to assess the chance of other traders' performing certain actions in the future by analyzing the actions of other traders in the past

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