Advanced trading software: technical analysis and neural networks for stock, forex, futures

Empowering wise traders

Make the right trading decision.
Manage risks, improve trading and increase profits with Tradecision®.
Use Tradecision intelligence to reduce the risk
and get a profit out of the market volatility.
The power of synergy
60+ Money Management Rules Automatic adjustment
of Neural Strategies
with 35 criteria

100+ most popular indicators

7 totally unique
technical analysis techniques
Successfully used in 43 countries
Unique Market Analysis Features
that give you the Edge:
  • Intelligent Neural Networks that train&grow themselves automatically;
  • Tandem Studies to analyze strength and duration of market phases;
  • Ingenious Moving Average without lag to act smarter and earlier than others;
  • Noise Removal Tool to get rid of noise and see trends clearly;
  • Point&click Money Management editor with the most reliable formulas built-in;
  • Fibonacci Clusters to clearly see your stop-loss and take-profit levels;
  • Custom Future Bars to plan your actions for different future market scenarios.
And you will get Free Of Charge
all the standard modules advanced trader may need:
  • Trading Systems development and back-testing;
  • Direct Trade Execution: automatic and manual;
  • Elliott Waves identification;
  • Hundreds of technical indicators and studies;
  • Advanced Improvian language;
  • Advanced Charting and drawing tools;
  • Auto-trends and chart patterns;
  • Professional Market Scanner.
Increase your profit in today's volatile markets using money management capabilities.
Creative, intuitive and user-friendly software.
Proven technical analysis tools and ANN in a single software package.
Cutting-edge developments in artificial intelligence.
100% guaranteed
30-day unconditional 100% money back guarantee.
FREE support
All registered users are entitled to free technical support without time limits.
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Forex, futures or stock trading involves substantial risk of loss and is not suitable for all investors.
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