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Since you normally deal with large amounts of money and your responsibility is very high, you need to have all the relevant information before making a trading decision. We know your needs very well. That is why, you can use many advanced features, such as:
  • Money management editor, enabling you to manage your money strategies effectively;
  • Technical analysis features, allowing you to make a versatile market analysis;
  • Neural networks, enabling you to make market predictions and achieve trading results that are optimal under the current market conditions.
Technologies Chosen by Top-level Analysts

Tradecision contains artificial intelligence technologies employed by world-renowned companies and organizations, such as Citibank, J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., Credit Sights, Cavalry Investments, Boeing Satellite Systems, Stanford University and many others.

Achieve the Optimal Trading Results with High-End Technology

The Alyuda experts have devoted several years to painstaking neural networks research. With Tradecision, you can create AI-powered trading systems with many time-saving features, including genetic algorithms.
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