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Long-Term Traders

As a long-term trader, you have special trading requirements. With Tradecision, you can identify long-term trends and determine the most auspicious time to buy and sell securities.

Long-term traders rely on Tradecision because of:

1. Precise Identification of Long Duration Trends

Tradecision gives you the power to effectively analyze market conditions, providing research-based insight into and responsiveness to significant market trends.

Using the system’s chart pattern recognition capability along with the major and intermediate trend identification features, you can effectively locate profitable opportunities .

2. Effective Risk Control

For you, as a long-term trader, the possibility of incurring significant losses is increased, since you are in the markets for much longer and, thus, have much greater exposure to the risks.

Applying the vitally important position size, stop-loss, trailing stop and profit target rules using Tradecision’s point-and-click Money Management Editor will give you the precious ability to always hold your risks in check.

3. Interaction with Fundamental Analysis

You can combine the fundamental and technical analysis approaches. For example, with the Custom Time Series tool you can easily add external data (such as Interest Rates, Unemployment Rates, Consumer Price Indexes and a lot more) for market calculations and use proprietary indicators as a trading strategy or market gauges.

The custom indicators, studies and even trading systems can be easily imported, exported and sent to your partners via email. With Tradecision, you can employ the power of Artificial Neural Networks - a technology that is capable of effectively combining fundamental and technical analysis data.

4. Advanced AI Technology

Neural Network construction, training, testing and selection capabilities are wizard-based and fully automated to allow you to minimize the time-to-solution and maximize the return on market analysis investment.

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