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Model-Based Strategies

To test a model, Tradecision applies a simple model-based strategy to historical data and determines whether you would have made a profit if you had followed this strategy, or not. If the strategy turns out to have been profitable, and if it fits your trading personality, you can be confident in using the model to make future trading decisions.

A major advantage of model testing using a model-based trading strategy is the possibility to rigorously test the model over different periods of time and with different parameters. To help you thoroughly analyze a model-based strategy, Tradecision creates the Strategy Performance Report. The report provides detailed information about your strategy, including the return on account, drawdowns, risk ratios, number of profitable/losing/outlier trades, as well as timing analysis. To ensure that the figures of the Strategy Performance Report are as close to reality as possible, you can factor in broker's commissions and slippage.

For better performance, your strategy parameters can be optimized using Genetic Algorithms (GA) or exhaustive search. Visit the Trading Systems page for more details about strategy optimization.

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