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Product / Product Information / NeatScan

NeatScan is a powerful, flexible, multi-purpose market scanner that will keep you on top of your trading opportunities. It can be used as a Tradecision’s add-on or as a stand-alone application.

NeatScan is a multi-symbol scanning and analyzing program which gives you the ability to locate money-making opportunities. As you know, a scanner's main task is finding stocks that meet the characteristics you are interested in. With the help of NeatScan, you will be able to examine hundreds of symbols, stored in Data Manager, using a set of diverse criteria, defined by you.

Market Scanner

Find out which of the stocks in the market are hot, and which are not.

Using In-built Scan Library

NeatScan includes a library of built-in scans, such as MACD, MA Crossover, Stochastic, Price, Bollinger Bands, and many more. However, with the help of Improvian, a full-featured programming language you can create virtually any kind of scan you may need.

Defining Custom Columns

NeatScan enables defining any kind of criteria for market scanning and custom column calculation, from the simplest to the most complicated. You can create custom scanning formulas and use the built-in filtering system.

Selecting a Time Frame

Both built-in and custom scans can be used for any of the time frames, used by you in Tradecision:
  • 1-, 5-, 10-, 15-, 30- and 60 minute-long ones for short-term and day traders;
  • Hourly ones for swing traders;
  • Monthly, weekly and daily for long-term investors and position traders.
Filtering by Price and Volume

In order to indicate the number of shares a stock has to trade, you can indicate specific volume parameters using the Min Volume (K) and Max Volume (K). If necessary, you can change the minimum price and maximum trading price of symbols using the Min Price and Max Price options.

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