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Product / Tradecision Online Tours

Watching these tours is a great way to experience numerous benefits offered by Tradecision trading software. The tours will be displayed in a separate window (800x600).
  Note: You will need Macromedia Flash Player to view these tours. If you do not have the Macromedia Flash Player plug-in installed on your computer, you can download it here. Should you have any questions regarding the tours, please contact us.

Tradecision Overview
Tradecision has many great features. The product has left traders with a very positive impression about the software power and usefulness.

Recommended for first-time visitors. Duration: about 4 minutes. The size
of the animation is 410 KB. Separate window (800x350).

Trading Strategies
Discover how your trading ideas can be implemented using the Tradecision Strategy Builder. You will also become familiar with the Simulations Manager, the Neuro Strategy and the Performance Reports.

Neural Network Models
You will learn how to create, train and analyze neural models in Tradecision. You will also see how to use neural predictions in trading strategies.

Money Management
Learn how to control trading risks and use money management with Tradecision.

Strategy Optimization
You will learn how an optimization can be the key step that will prepare your strategy for trading.

Analytical Studies and Technical Indicators
Take a look at the technical analysis analytical power that Tradecision gives you.

Interface and Workspaces
See for yourself how intuitive the software is.

Charting and Drawing Tools
See how effectively you can organize and speed-up your chart analysis.

Neural Networks in Action
AI is truly one of the best methodologies ever invented for the prediction and forecast
of historical time series data. Now you can see how it works. Just select a skin and go
through the neural networks metamorphosis.

The size of the animation is 114 KB.
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