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Tradecision Trading Simulation
Run a Test, Don't Run the Risk

Prior to helping you effectively use your trading account, Tradecision will secure you against the perils of real trading by performing a precise and realistic trading simulation.

The application will inform you about the future performance of your trading ideas, thus dramatically reducing the risks involved.

Owing to this approach, not only does Tradecision minimize your risks, but it also introduces an entire rigorous and sound methodology of evaluating the robustness of your trading system.

Tradecision Simulations Manager

Efficient Strategy Analysis
Strategy analysis is a vital stage of the strategy development process. When you insert your strategy into an active chart, a new simulation is automatically created and all performance reports are generated and stored in the Simulations Manager. This is the fastest way to simulate and analyze a strategy.

Identifying Your Advantages
Tradecision provides advanced simulation capabilities, specifically designed to help professional traders easily identify the advantages and disadvantages of a strategy.

With the New Simulation wizard, you can concurrently simulate one strategy with different symbols. Moreover, you can back-test several strategies with one symbol within one run of just one simulation. In both cases, you can easily compare the results. All this means that your strategy analysis will be a lot more efficient.

Storing Your Ideas
Simulations Manager enables easily creating, running and storing any number of simulations. Simulations are stored into an express simulations list that can be quickly categorized or filtered. Any stored simulation can be inserted into a chart or analyzed with one click.
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